Position available immediately in Pascal Therond laboratory to functionally characterize Hedgehog secretion and spreading in Drosophila. The project aims to gain insight into the secretion of the Hedgehog protein family using cell biology and genetic technics. The Hedgehog proteins are the only metazoan proteins known to possess a covalently-linked cholesterol moiety. We have developped a combination of genome-wide RNAi screen and in vivo imaging to investigate its mode of release and identified a new cellular machinery involved in Hedgehog secretion and spreading.


Knowledge of and experience in fly genetics, cell biology and/or optic microscopy are necessary. The position is funded for 2-3 years in duration, starting early 2012. The candidates must have a Ph.D. degree, and can be nationals of any country.


Compensation range from 2300 to 2900 euros.


Selected references: Ruel et al., (2003) Nature Cell Biology vol. 5: 907-913. Gallet et al., (2003) Dev. Cell  vol. 4, 191-204. Gallet, et al., (2008), Dev. Cell 14, 1-14. Ayers et al., (2010) Dev. Cell  18, 605–620.


Interested candidates should send a Curriculum Vitae and recommendation letters from three referees to:

Dr. Pascal Therond, CNRS-UMR 6543, Université de Nice-Valrose, 06108 Nice Cedex 2, France.

Phone: (33) 4 92076446. Email:


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