Lunch Lottery

Are you looking to get to know other PhD students, postdocs, professors, or scientific staff from different science departments? Would you be keen on grabbing a coffee or sharing lunch with someone new and from another research group? Interested in enlarging your network, but you don’t know how? Then look no further!

We are happy to invite you to our successful Lunch Lottery activity. The Lunch Lottery is organized by the PhD Reps from Pharmacenter, Biocenter, and D-BSSE!

The concept is very simple:

Step 1: subscribe by dropping us an email at and tell us if you prefer to meet 1 or 2 other people

Step 2: you will be matched once per month with 1 (to 2) like-minded people

Step 3: get in contact with your match(es), share lunch or grab a coffee when- and wherever you and your match prefer: virtual or in person.

Bonus: We periodically raffle food vouchers of 10.- CHF.

If, at some point, you don’t want to participate anymore in the lunch lottery, just drop again a short email at and you will be removed from the mailing list.

We wish you happy matching, lunch eating, and coffee drinking!