Career Lecture Series

Besides the monthly PhD Science Lunch, the Biozentrum offers numerous scientific talks from a broad range of topics which junior scientists can attend to extend their scientific knowledge.

Apart from that we organize the “Career Lecture Series” on a monthly basis, together with the Postdoc Club. The aim of the series is to inform about career opportunities outside of academia. Invited speakers are, for example, editors from scientific journals, consultants, journalists or people working in industry. During the talks they will describe their education, requirements for and the steps towards the particular job, in general. Moreover, they will give an introduction into their work, explain the tasks they have to perform each day and depict the advantages and disadvantages of the work.

If you have an idea for a potential speaker and would like to host her/him, you are very welcome to do so. Please contact us in this case. We are happy to help you with the invitation and during the visit of the speaker, of course.

Information on the upcoming student-organized talks can be found in our calendar and in the news-feed.

Contact persons: