WANTED!!!! Student Rep candidates

Hi everyone,

Looking back on the past year we can see many new activities taking place at the Biozentrum since the PhD student representatives began. The PhD club continues to promote scientific discussions amongst students, the PhD Retreat has become an annual event, a collaboration between the PhD students and post-docs has resulted in a new lecture series aiming to highlight careers outside of academia and an official webpage for the PhD students has been created.

If you would like to participate in organizing all these activities, representing students and fostering interactions between students, you can apply to be a candidate for the PhD representatives. Simply write an e-mail to alice.krudewig@unibas.ch saying you would like to run for a PhD representative.

For further information see the link PhD representatives on the right side of the page.

We are looking forward to new students in the team. Please apply by May 28th.

The PhD Student Representatives

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