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1) Junior and Senior group leader positions at the Developmental Biology Department of the Curie Institute.
Details in attachement UGBDD_Group_leader_call2011.jpg, which can also be  downloaded in high resolution
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2) Programme Leader at MRC-NIMR London, Cell and Developmental Biology
please see text below (also copied into attachment NIMR_PI_vacancy)
3)  postdoc vacancy in the group of Fred Berger  (Computational epigenetics– Temasek LifeScience Laboratory, Singapore)
please see attachment – Postdoctoral position.doc
4) Postdoc positions in Ian Collinson’s lab (experimental analysis of protein translocation), University of Bristol
please see text below (and attachment further_details_IC_2011.docx)
5) Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Evolution of leaf development at the Univ. of Oxford in the lab of Miltos Tsiantis
please see text below.

Programme Leader at MRC-NIMR London, Cell and Developmental Biology

Applications are invited for a Principal Investigator position to lead a new research group in Cell and Developmental Biology. We are particularly interested in candidates using quantitative approaches to study any aspect of the cellular and molecular dynamics of developing tissues.

Candidates should have an outstanding track record and an ability to lead a team pursuing original long-term research goals. Core support, including laboratory and animal staff will be provided by the Medical Research Council. MRC-NIMR offers an exciting, supportive and collaborative environment, comprising state-of-the-art imaging and mass spectrometry, high throughput sequencing and computational facilities, FACS, and excellent transgenic fish, frog, mouse and Drosophila facilities

For an overview of research at NIMR, see

Informal enquiries to J-P Vincent ( or James Briscoe (

Applications should include a cover letter, full Curriculum Vitae, the names and addresses of three referees, an outline of current research interests (1 page) and a proposal for future research (1-2 pages).

The level of appointment will be determined based on expertise and experience. Benefits include Membership of MRC Final Pension Scheme and 30 days annual leave.

Closing date: 31 October 2011 Interview date: to be confirmed

Applications are handled by the RCUK Shared Services Centre; to apply please visit our job board at and complete an online application form.  Applicants who would like to receive this advert in an alternative format (e.g. large print, Braille, audio or hard copy), or who are unable to apply online should contact us by telephone on 01793 867003, Please quote reference number IRC 27831. 

The MRC is an Equal Opportunities Employer
Final appointments will be subject to a pre employment screening


Postdoc positions in Ian Collinson’s lab (experimental analysis of protein translocation), University of Bristol
Dear Friends
I’d be very grateful if you could bring the following opportunity to the attention of any intrepid experimentalists that you undoubtedly know:

There is a vacancy for a 4 year BBSRC funded Post-doctoral Research Assistant at the School of Biochemistry, University of Bristol (starting salary, depend on experience: £ 29972 – 33734). It will involve an experimental analysis of protein translocation through the ubiquitous SecY complex. The prospective researcher will undertake an independent research project designed to elucidate the molecular mechanism underlying protein translocation driven through the protein channel complex SecYEG by the motor ATPase SecA and the proton motive force. There may also be the opportunity to investigate the mechanism of membrane protein insertion through the newly available holo-translocon. This super-complex contains the machinery responsible for both protein secretion and membrane insertion, and therefore presents us with several new exciting possibilities. The project will employ a range of biochemical and biophysical methods to characterise the activity and dynamics of the machinery to advance our general understanding of energy transduction and transport. Therefore, this would be an excellent opportunity to publish 2 or 3 papers and potentially move onto an independent research career.

See also attachment (further_details_IC_2011.docx)
Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Evolution of leaf development at the Univ. of Oxford Applications are invited for a three-year postdoctoral position on the project "Pathways that limit leaflet formation in Cardamine hirsuta", led by Professor Miltos Tsiantis. It is anticipated that the successful applicant will start in December 2011. The aim of the project is to understand the genetic networks that control the number, timing and position of leaflet development in C. hirsuta; a genetically tractable compound leafed relative of the simple leafed reference plant Arabidopsis thaliana. The project builds on previous research by the group (Hay & Tsiantis, Nature Genetics 38, 942-7; Barkoulas, et al. Nature Genetics 40, 1136 - 41; Piazza, et al., Current Biology 20, 2223-2228; Bilsborough, et al. PNAS 108, 3424-3429) and would suit highly motivated applicants with excellent developmental genetics skills, an interest in the genetics of morphological diversity and the inclination to work in a highly collaborative laboratory environment. Deadline: 5 October 2011 Contact Person : Personnel Administrator Vacancy ID : 100969 Contact Phone : 01865 275035 Weblink to Further particulars: Should you experience any difficulties using the online application system, please email . To return to the online application at any stage, please click on the following link . 

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