“Molecular Mechanisms of Autophagy”: Postdoctoral Positions in Istanbul

Sabanci University (SU), Biological Sciences and Bioengineering Program invites applications for post-doctoral positions in molecular cell biology. SU is a private university located in Istanbul, Turkey (A European Union-Associated Country with a stable economy). The university offers an outstanding research environment with excellent and internationally competitive facilities (www.sabanciuniv.edu).

Successful candidates will work in Gozuacik Lab, in ambitious, internationally competitive and dynamic research projects. Gozuacik Lab is an active member of the International Cell Death Society (ICDS), International autophagy community, EMBO-Young Investigators Network (EMBO-YIP) and several other EU networks. Moreover, we have active collaborations with labs in the US, Japan and South Korea.

Research in our laboratory mainly focuses on mammalian stress and death responses, especially autophagy regulation, apoptosis-autophagy connection, autophagy as a protein degradation mechanism and autophagy abnormalities in human diseases (such as cancer and neurodegenerative diseases).
Recent publications:

Korkmaz G, le Sage C, Tekirdag AK, Agami R, Gozuacik D. miR-376b controls starvation and mTOR inhibition-related autophagy by targeting ATG4C and BECN1. Autophagy, 2012 February; 8 (2): 165 – 176.
Gozuacik D, Bialik S, Raveh T, Mitou G, Shohat G, Sabanay H, Mizushima N, Yoshimori T, Kimchi A.DAP-kinase is a mediator of endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced caspase activation and autophagic cell death. Cell Death and Differentiation, 2008 15(12): 1875-86.
For more, check our website: http://myweb.sabanciuniv.edu/dgozuacik/selected-publications/

Successful candidates will apply state-of-the-art methods of cell biology, molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry to study autophagy regulating miRNA networks or novel autophagy proteins and signaling pathways discovered in our laboratory. Autophagy regulation in cancer is another important research area that may be studied in our lab.

Ph.D degree in molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry or a related field is required. Previous hands on experience of cell culture techniques is a plus. Ability to work independently and strong interpersonal skills are expected.

Competitive salary and excellent benefits (including housing on campus, free lunch, private health insurance and meeting travel support) are available.
Please send a curriculum vitae, publication list, names and e-mail adresses of at least three referees and a motivation letter electronically to Professor Devrim Gozuacik, MD/PhD, Biological Sciences and Bioengineering Program, Sabanci University (dgozuacik@sabanciuniv.edu).

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