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Addal (Association des doctorants et docteurs d’Alsace) is organizing an event for the PhD candidates and young PhDs.
This event is also open to master 2 students that aim to pursue in a PhD.
This congress has the goal to inform the PhD candidates on the job opportunties after a PhD.
There will be workshops, round tables, plenary conferences and stands of our partners.
The forum BIOTechno will be for the first time, tri-national. We will welcome the PhD candidates from the Universities fo Karlsruhe, Freibourg, Basel, Mulhouse and Nancy.

We would like you to advertise this event widely towards all the PhD candidates from the Biozentrum.

We offer the transport to the 20 first registration from your university.

We would also like to invite the directors of the Life Science doctoral school to this event.
You can contact me for more details.
Sincerly Yours,
Daniel Da Costa

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We offer the transport by bus to the 20 first registration from your university

The 14th edition of the BIOTechno days will take place at Pole API d’Illkirch (Strasbourg, France), on the 10th of June 2011.

This event will gather Master 2 Research students, PhD candidates and young PhDs around workshops and round tables on career opportunities in biotech companies after a PhD.

We will welcome PhD candidates from Mulhouse, Nancy, Karlsruhe, Freibourg and Basel.

You will find the program of the day and complementary informations on: (Translation in german and English)

Workshops will be organized on the following topics:


-Career opportunities in a company after a PhD

-The jobs in clinical research

-The professional networks

-Job Interview

-The Job market of PhDs in France and worldwide.

A workshop « Elevator Pitch » will be organized for 30 PhD candidates/young PhDs allowing them to sell their PhD project in 2 minutes to potential investors (Good exercise to sum up your PhD). A jury of three people will give a price to the best elevator pitch. Inscriptions to

Two plenary conferences will present the « Tri-national cluster Biovalley » and « International Mobility ».

We will wait for you numerous the next 10th of June on the Forum BIOTechno to meet our partners and to create your network.

BE CAREFULL!!! Registrations must be done online and before the 8th of June.

The organizing team,


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