PhD Retreat

The PhD retreat was started as a way to foster interactions between all of the students of the Biozentrum, regardless of focal area or year in the program. It is an opportunity for students to share their work, talk about science and meet other students from the Biozentrum. The retreat program consists of student talks, keynote speakers, poster sessions and socializing – and not surprisingly, past retreats were a huge success, with about 70-80 PhD students attending. If you are interested in helping to organize the retreat, please contact the organizing committee.

PhD retreat website

Organizing Commitee:

  • Ricardo Righetto
  • Cedric Leu
  • Simon Marlaire
  • Pauline Maturana
  • Clement Barbier
  • Charlotte Amalie Emdal Navntoft
  • Joka Pipercevic